my mind

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Founder of Dancer Plays Records, video designer, producer of electronic music, dj, content creator

I AM: disciplined, loyal, open minded, urban, devoted, political

I LISTEN : Cinthie , Kaspar Marrott, Marc Broom, Subjective

I READ : Quarterly, Groove, Beat, Heritage Post, Art History, Sinee School

I NEED : values, creativity, inspiration, chill zone, democracy

I LIVE : healthy lifestyle, my business, in Berlin Friedrichshain

I SUPPORT : techno underground, anti-commerce, democracy

I PLAY : techno; house; ambient sets

I PLAY WITH : Vinyl, Traktor or CDJ


DASFAX MOTIVATION : Play for the people, not for the traffic.

FAVORITE BOOKINGTIME : Sunday 5am – 5pm / bookable Thu – Sun 11pm – 8am
Experience : Hanover, Berlin

my mind, the short version about me


Advantage: flexible, 2000 international users per month on, under the radar

Disadvantage: no show DJ, no follower status, under the radar

10 best tracks of my life:

  • Plastikmen / Consumed
  • Function / Mirror Hour
  • DJ Hell / Freakshow
  • Special Request / Brainstorm
  • Depeche Mode / Pleasure Little Treasure
  • Anne Clark / Our Darkness
  • Futurhythem / Phuture
  • Helena Hauff / Hyper Intelligent Genetically Enriched Cyborg
  • Avalon Emerson / The Frontier
  • DJ Pierre / What Is House Muzik

DasFax DJ mixes and own productions