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April is here, and it’s full steam ahead! We’re all looking forward to the sun, places, and moments that fulfill our longing. My new techno house EP, Feuertänze (Fire Dances), is also about places of longing. I feel a deep inner connection to the place where I spent my youth and to unknown places that I travel to and want to find out more about.

Two places I visited in 2023 left me feeling like I was in a trance. The islands of La Palma and Ibiza are magical, and they really open my senses. There are fragrant cypress forests, rocky, sun-baked plains, and primeval forests clinging to rugged mountain ranges. There are also enchanted bays on rugged cliffs. I realised that at that moment there was an opportunity to capture the emotions triggered by the events of the day as electronic music. So I took my iPhone, selected the Ableton Live app (app for creating musical sketches) and sat down under the parasol by the pool with an Aperol and freshly squeezed orange juice in 35-degree temperatures.


I went to Ibiza in the north, away from the crowds of tourists, and found the island’s fire in the courtyard area of the Las Dalias hippy market with its integrated Club Akasha in the finca hall. The island lived up to its legendary reputation most faithfully at this location. Not least thanks to the vibe of Sven Väth, who celebrated a set that looked deep into the beginnings of electronic music. A look back at the history and development of techno house music.

What I used to play – a showcase on vinyl shows the development of electronic dance music from the 80s – Chapeau Sven Väth!

Ibiza has been influenced by centuries of occupation by African and European rulers and pirates of the Mediterranean. It’s more than just an island that’s popular with tourists for its nightlife. In the last hundred and twenty years, artists such as poets and musicians, revolutionaries, dropouts, refugees and hippies have found a new home there. Places like the coast off Es Vedra are just one striking place where mysticism, spirituality and the history of Ibiza intertwine. Those who know how to surrender to the original spirit of Ibiza will find the magic of the Balearic island hard to resist.

The island of La Palma in the Atlantic Ocean, with its active volcano right next to the town of Los Janos on the sunny west side, has a similarly multicultural heritage. Once an important base for the Spanish fleet to conquer and exploit the newly discovered continent of America, La Palma is now seen as a place for relaxation and seclusion. But it’s still a dance on the volcano in the truest sense of the word. The south is full of evidence of the island’s volcanic past, with signs of activity and eruptions over the last 400 years. One particularly striking example is a fresh black lava field. Just above the town of Los Llanos, you’ll find the vent that still shows a small plume of sulphur smoke from the 2021 eruption.

Dancer Plays Records 04 | DasFax – Dances Of Fire

La Palma is an elevated volcanic island in the Atlantic Ocean. The island’s weather is pretty windy, rainy and hot. The island is made up of smooth plateaus with deep volcanic cones that show traces of past volcanic eruptions. Mountain forests covered in snow, with giant trees and tropical plants. There are some pretty impressive waterfalls that channel the rain from the north through the jungle. My thoughts about being in the moment took on a new quality! I think these experiences are perfect for inspiring electronic dance music. I want to reinterpret the beauty of nature and the mysticism of the two places in the form of techno house and breakbeat. To bring them back into focus and share them with you, our special people.

The pyramid shape is intended to represent the soul’s journey from the physical world to the spiritual world.

Das will mir eine Ehre sein. Feuertänze – vier Tracks, gemacht aus den Elementen des Feuers! Schwarz wie der Sand aus zerriebener Lava. Glitzernd wie die untergehende Sonne in der seichten Brandung. Geheimnisvoll, energetisch. Lasst uns dankbar sein und mit dem Feuer tanzen!

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